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The prize focuses on contemporary art, involving the jury in a broad reflection on the research and results achieved in the past year by young and mid-career artists operating in Italy.

The jury of the prize will consist of three members chosen from different generations and roles within the international art scene.



An exhibition will be organized featuring the works of the finalist artists and the winner, chosen from among 30 names selected and evaluated by the jury. The exhibition will thus serve as a tool for deepening the understanding of the broad reflection carried out by the jurors, who will have the task of identifying the most significant artistic research developed in the past year (2023).

The curator's goal will be to interpret, through the works of the artists, the feelings and impulses of a unique place like Stromboli and to integrate the works into a landscape as sentimental as it is physical, nullifying any division between the realms of the real and the ideal.


This section, in its international dimension, will be dedicated to the development and application of new digital technologies and artificial intelligence in various fields.


The theme will be addressed through a talk with in-depth discussions involving professionals and creatives from the sector, alongside the opportunity to experience an immersive experience tailored to the island of Stromboli.

The prize for this category will be awarded to a globally recognized digital innovation advocate.




The Stromboli Prize focuses on "SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY" through research activities aimed at studying solutions and services in the field of mobility. Together with the Politecnico di Milano, a challenge will be launched among students of the Master's course in Mobility Engineering with the aim of developing a research project focused on sustainable mobility applied to island systems.


The winning students will present their research during the event days.

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